At American Labor Company, every business decision we make is rooted in the American Dream. We founded this company to provide hardworking people a platform to elevate their status and to improve their financial situation, for themselves and for their loved ones. If you believe that through hard work, dedication, and determination you can improve your quality of life: you have found a home with ALC. In recent years, society has devalued the concept of using your hands to provide meaningful work. In today’s digital age full of social media businesses, AI, and automation we believe that the American Dream is more important than ever. American Labor Company was founded to let people know that there is another option. Not everyone has to go to a university to be successful. In fact, many folks within the trades will outearn their college educated peers while saving themselves the time it takes to complete a college degree and the debt associated with it. If you want a rewarding career that will transform your quality of life, American Labor Company is here to help.